The Palestinian Strategic Report is a highly academic annual report that assesses the Palestinian situation. It rigorously studies the developments of various aspects of the Palestinian issue, i.e., internal political affairs, economic development, demographic indicators, the Arab, Islamic and international stands and the Israeli attitudes and policies, all within an academic, well-documented context that is supported with the most recent statistical data.

This report is the product of a massive team-work exerted by a group of affiliated researchers and specialists; editors, and consultants. It is published both in Arabic and English.

The first Report covered the year 2005, followed by the reports on 2006 and 2007, the report was well-received and highly acclaimed, especially within academics.  Two years later, it can be surely asserted that this report is a must reference for every researcher or academic interests in the contemporary developments of the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Moreover, its English version is among the few highly academic and objective writings in this field by an Arab research centre.

Full Book: The Palestinian Strategic Report 2005  Click here 
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Introduction, Table of Contents, Lists of figures, abbreviations, etc..  Click here  20 pages
Chapter One: The Internal Palestinian Scene: Change and the Quest for Consensus  Click here  27 pages
Chapter Two: The Israeli-Palestinian Scene: Launching the Journey towards the Green Line  Click here  41 pages
Chapter Three: The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World Click here  30 pages
Chapter Four: The Palestinian Issue and the Muslim World Click here   26 pages
Chapter Five: The Palestinian Issue and the International Setting Click here  28 pages
Chapter Six: The Palestinian Demographic Indicators Click here   21 pages
Chapter Seven: The Economic Situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Click here  37 pages
Chapter Eight: Education in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Click here  33 pages

Title: The Palestinian Strategic Report 2005

Editor(s): Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and Dr. Basheer Nafi

Published in: 2007…1st Edition

Physical details: 257 pages, 17*24 cm, available in both paperback and hardcover editions


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