Political Highlights (Ida’at Siyasiyyah) was an Arabic weekly program on al-Quds TV that sought to develop political and cultural awareness, and conduct systematic research into the roots of various files and aspects of the Palestinian issue. It discussed various strategies and fundamentals in a scientific and clear manner in a relatively short time, where each 30-minute episode discusses a specific subject.

This weekly talk show hosted by Muhammad Isma‘il featured as his guest Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, general manager of al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations. 26 episodes were broadcasted during the April¬–December 2016 period, and was rebroadcasted later.

Episodes title and dates are as follows:

 Political Highlights TV Program with Dr. Mohsen Saleh
Episode Number  Episode Name  Originally Aired
 E1 Palestinian Political Current Conditions  30/4/2016
 E2 The Function of the Palestinian Authority and its Political Role 7/5/2016
 E3 Palestinian National Council…Significance, Function and Repercussions of its Disablement 14/5/2016
 E4 Reconciliation and its Impact on the Palestinian Citizen 21/5/2016
 E5 Reconciliation and Mechanisms to Implement it 28/5/2016
E6 The Stark Contrast Between the attitudes of Palestinian Factions Towards Talks and Resistance 4/6/2016
E7 Outcome of Talks and the Peace Process 9/7/2016
E8 Economic Boycott of Israel 16/7/2016
E9 Palestinian Refugees Between the Right of Return and Compensation – Part I 23/7/2016
E10 Palestinian Refugees Between the Right of Return and Compensation – Part II 30/7/2016
E11 Palestinians in Syria…Catastrophic Current Conditions and Unknown Future 6/8/2016
E12 Palestinians of Lebanon: Crises and a Continuous Suffering 13/8/2016
E13 Reflections of  Regional Variables on the Palestinian Issue 20/8/2016
E14 The Arab Uprisings…And the Risks Facing Israel 27/8/2016
E15 Present and Future Egyptian-Palestinian Relations 8/9/2016
E16 The Judaization of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites 24/9/2016
E17 The Zionist Settlement Expansion and Its Risks 30/9/2016
E18 The Evaluation of the UNRWA Agency and Its Role 7/10/2016
E19 The significance of the palestinian land and its syrbolism 11/11/2016
E20 Liberating the Land: The Conflict Between Negotiations and Resistance 18/11/2016
E21 The legitimacy of Palestinian Resistance 25/11/2016
E22 Palestinian Resistance and How Much it Benefits from Global Liberation Experiences 2/12/2016
E23 The Palestinian Resistance Reality 9/12/2016
E24 The Palestinian People, Haven for the Resistance 16/12/2016
E25 The Right of Return and its Importance as a Palestinian Fundamental 23/12/2016
E26 The Right of Return and the International Law 30/12/2016