Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

Political Analysis: The Israeli Elections: Reading the Significance and Repercussions

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. Introduction According to the final results of the Israeli elections, it seems that Netanyahu will win a fifth term as prime minister, and will stand beside the founding leader of Israel David Ben-Gurion as to the [...]

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Political Analysis: Why Does the Palestinian Authority Leadership Shoots Itself in the Foot?!

I don’t know why does the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership (which is the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Fatah) insist on being like the one who shoots himself in the foot, especially when dealing with the Palestinian [...]

Political Opinion: The Shtayyeh Government…Mission Impossible

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. I don’t know why did Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh put himself in this awkward position, by accepting to form the "eighteenth" Palestinian Authority (PA) government. Shtayyeh is one of the brightest, most efficient and experienced leaders in [...]

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Political Analysis: The 1948 Palestinians: The Battle of Steadfastness, Identity and National Role

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. The Battle of Steadfastness: "Al-‘Araqib" Village has perhaps summarized the story of the Israeli insistence on uprooting the Palestinian people, and that of the Palestinian insistence on entrenchment in the Land and steadfastness against the occupation. [...]

?Political Analysis: Will the Palestinian Elections be Held

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. It doesn’t seem that the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections would be held next May 2019 (not even in the near future), as called by the Constitutional Court of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah. Not [...]

Political Analysis: Popular Conference For Palestinians Abroad: A Review and Evaluation

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. These days mark the second anniversary of the launching of the "Popular Conference For Palestinians Abroad," in which six thousand Palestinians participated. They came from all over the world to Istanbul, on 25/2/2017, to confirm the [...]

Political Analysis: The 2019 Forecasts for the Palestine Issue

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. The year 2018 witnessed the escalation of the Palestinian national project crisis, the decline of the Palestinian reconciliation, the failure of the peace process. At the same time, it witnessed the creativity in return marches, [...]

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