Political Analysis: The Palestinian Document, Temporary Passport and the Problematic Travel and Residence in Saudi Arabia

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. The refusal of the Saudi Consulate, in the last few weeks, to issue Umrah visas to those carrying Jordanian temporary passports (which do not have national identity numbers) was surprising and shocking, especially that, for years, they [...]

Political Opinion: Palestinian Refugee Camps: Testimonies to the Nakbah … and the Nakbah of Testimonies

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. To this day, 64 Palestinian refugee camps (RC) stand as witnesses to the Nakbah (catastrophe) that afflicted the Palestinian people in 1948, when Zionist gangs uprooted more than 57% of the population of Palestine from [...]

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The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World 2009/10, By Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh – Free Download

The website offers Chapter Three: "The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World" of The Palestinian Strategic Report 2009 for free download.   >> Free Download: The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World 2009/10  (68 pages, 1,920 KB) The Palestinian Strategic Report is a [...]

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The Political Views of the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon as Reflected in May 2006, By Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and – Free Download

>> Click here to download  (36 pages, 2.613 MB)  It pleases al-Zaytouna Centre to make available for free this study that is the outcome of a poll conducted in May 2006, to survey the political views of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. [...]

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