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Political Analysis: US Policy in Syria: Walls of Blood

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh.  Introduction: We discussed in a previous article the US policy in the region, especially in Iraq. This article will attempt to shed light on US policy in Syria. Throughout the past five years, US policy on Syria [...]

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Political Analysis: United States: from the Sykes-Picot Borders to the Walls of Blood (Iraq as a Model)

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh.  Erroneous Conclusions: Those who believe that the United States (US) is gradually withdrawing from the Middle East (especially the Levant) are mistaken; those who advertise Barack Obama and his policy in the region as a [...]

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Political Opinion: The Future Scenarios of the “Arab Spring”

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. Four years after the uprisings of the Arab region, the scene is still blurry, reflecting a state of instability with the inability of the rival parties to settle the conflict in any side’s favor. There continues [...]

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Political Analysis: Sectarian and Religious Conflicts in the Middle East: A Historical and Contemporary Examination

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. Introduction: Bernard Lewis celebrates this year his ninety-eighth birthday. Perhaps he can now depart our world, believing that some of his wishes have been fulfilled in redrawing the map of the Arab and Islamic region along [...]

Political Analysis: Political Islam: A Step Back Toward a Leap Forward

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. Those who became intoxicated and danced for joy at what they called "the fall of political Islam" following the military coup in Egypt are living an illusion. Furthermore, tambourine players and incense holders who filled various [...]

Political Analysis: Confronting the Projects of Sectarian and Ethnic Fragmentation

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. In a previous article, we pointed out that Zionist and Western parties are invested in the fragmentation of the Arab-Islamic region along sectarian and ethnic lines, seeing as this would further strategic Zionist and Western-Imperialist [...]

Political Analysis: A Reading on the Calls for Sectarian and Ethnic Fragmentation

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. The importance of tackling this issue is highlighted by the uprisings, revolutions and protests taking place in the region, which has been caught in a state of instability and confusion over the future of the countries [...]

The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World 2009/10, By Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh – Free Download

The website offers Chapter Three: "The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World" of The Palestinian Strategic Report 2009 for free download.   >> Free Download: The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World 2009/10  (68 pages, 1,920 KB) The Palestinian Strategic Report is a [...]

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American Foreign Policy & the Muslim World, Edited by Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and Dr. Ishtiaq Hossain – Free Download

>> Parts of this book are available for free download. This is a 422 pages edited volume, prepared by a group of prominent scholars from US, UK, Malaysia, UAE and Lebanon. It discusses the domestic settings of American foreign policy [...]

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