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Political Analysis: Evaluation of the Track of the Palestine Issue During 2018

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. In this article, we choose ten issues for the evaluation of the Palestinian track in 2018. First: The Continuation of the Palestinian National Project Crisis: The Palestinian political situation continues to suffer from a severe political crisis that [...]

Political Analysis: Resistance in the West Bank: Statistical and Political Reading

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. The latest report of al-Quds Center For Israeli and Palestinian Studies on resistance operations in the West Bank (WB), has received much attention and was widely covered by the media. Covering the first ten months of [...]

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Political Analysis: Why Does Fatah Obstruct the Lull in Gaza Strip

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. Over the past months, fierce media attacks were carried out by several Fatah and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leaders, and also by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials, against the lull in Gaza Strip (GS) and against Hamas. Those [...]

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Political Analysis: The Oslo Accords Experience: Lessons for Present and Future

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. 25 years have passed since the Oslo Accords were signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel in September 1993. These years, to a large extent, were "lean years" for the Palestinian national struggle and [...]

Political Analysis: The Palestinian National Council and the Legalization of Hegemony and Schism

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh.  Those who betted that President Mahmud ‘Abbas and the Fatah leadership will not convene the Palestinian National Council (PNC) except within the Palestinian reconciliation and consensus framework, were wrong. As a matter of fact, ‘Abbas [...]

Political Analysis: Running after the Mirage of the Palestinian State

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh. It seems that those Palestinians who were very enthusiastic for the peace process on the basis of the two-state solution have come to realize, nearly a quarter of a century after the Oslo Accords, that [...]

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Political Analysis: On the Debate Regarding Hamas’s Political Document

By: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh.  A lot of misleading things have been said about Hamas’s new political document launched in May 2017, as many commentators, politicians, and various parties took elements from the document out of context, especially with regard [...]

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Political Analysis: The Palestinian Resistance: The Rise of the Giant… or the Fall of the Bull!!

By: Dr. Mohsen Moh’d Saleh. What was striking in the first week of the latest Gaza war is the scene of some regional and international powers dealing coldly with this brutal Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip (GS), which made [...]

The Achievements of the Resistance in Gaza Must Not Be Hijacked

By: Dr. Mohsen Moh’d Saleh. There are real concerns that the outstanding performance of the resistance in the Gaza Strip (GS) might be hijacked by the mentality that dominates the thinking of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah and the [...]

Gaza: The Resistance Resets the Compass

By: Dr. Mohsen Moh’d Saleh. The exceptional performance of the resistance in Gaza Strip (GS), and the astonishing resilience of the Palestinian people there, was a source of pride and respect for the supporters of the Palestinian issue. In GS, [...]

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